♥Daily Inspirations from Rev Bonita A Benson


Thought for today: Fri.11/14

The Battle Isn’t Ours, It’s HIS !

Honoring He who fights for us and the Veterans who answered such a noble call.  In such a troublesome and turbulent time affecting all peoples globally, I am comforted in knowing my God is my ally and fights for me!

We may not fight an enemy army, but every day we do battle temptation, the pressures of life, and spiritual wickedness in high places, we must never lose our faith; we nust never lose our joy. The enemies of our belief system desire us to rebel against God. I beseech you beloved to remember, as believers, we have God’s Spirit in us. If we ask for God’s help when we face struggles in this spiritual battle of life and death God will fight for us. God will triumph and get the victory. We are only required to have faith, as of a grain of mustard seed, stand firmly on His Word, and show up believing the battle is already won.

Reading for today:

2 Chronicles 20:15


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