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Thought for today: Dec. 12/18/14
   “The Power of Living
                   in Divine Purpose”

Sometimes being pregnant with Purpose is overwhelming for those Unlearned & Immature in the faith!


But…As we begin to allow God to soften our stoney hearts, open our understanding, link us with mature believers (spiritual mentors), knowing prayer warriors are standing in the gap for us brings self-awareness/God consciousness/empowerment: a liberation And a freedom  only experienced between the person and God . The heart of a lion as David, the martyrdom zeal of Peter, or/and the meekness and humility of a lamb.
What power, freedom and peace !!!
Paul led many people to Christ and helped them mature spiritually. Perhaps one reason for his success as a spiritual father was the deep concern he felt for his spiritual children; he compared his pain over their faithlessness to the pain of childbirth. We should have the same intense care for those to whom we are spiritual parents, mentors and neighbors. It is not enough to lead a person in the prayer of salvatiin; as we truly must be leading people to Christ, We are the holders of hope for a hurting & dying generation. People are confused about where they are, what they are and whose they are; portraying to be whatever and whomever “They” expect us to be(come). We have a spiritual duty and a moral obligation as members of the household of faith to  stand by them to help them grow.
Reading for today: Galatians 4:19
*Do you hurt or help those in need?
*Do you introduce others to ‘church’ or to Christ?
*What do you think you can do better as a child of God?

Posted by Rev. Bonita A. Benson