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Thought for today: 1/1/15
Follow ME… “As I Follow Christ”
Once in a while we get to a place in life that we either think we are the best thing going or we think we have found that person that is the best thing going.  Truth be told, Neither thought is insightful nor safe. We have made these ever so dangerous and fleshly lack of judgements by thinking more highly of ourselves or others than we aught ; according to God’s Word. Thanks be to God for change, Wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit. My God has sent sound doctrine (Truth) by way of a messenger to help introduce and lead me to Jesus Christ (the Way).
Have you received God’s Truth today?
Paul challenged the Philippians to pursue Christlikeness by following Paul’s own pattern or example. This did not mean, of course, that they should copy everything Paul did. None of us are perfect and Paul made it clear to the Philippians that he himself was not perfect. But as Paul focused his life on being like Christ, so should they. The Gospels may not yet have been in circulation, so Paul could not tell them to read the Bible to see what Christ was like. Therefore Paul urged the Philippians to imitate him. The mere fact that Paul could tell people to follow his example is a testimony to his character, as well as the depth of his faithfulness in Jesus as the Christ; our Lord and Saviour.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Reading for today: Philippians 3:17
*Can you do/say the same?
*What kind of follower would a new Christian become if he or she imitated you?

Posted by Rev. Bonita A. Benson