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   Thought for today: Fri. 1/23
                         &  I  BELIEVE GOD !!
There comes a time when you realize you may have to work and pray harder to get through the day. Thank God for a gift for perception.  It is truly how you set your sights on things above, to elevate your senses and spirit above the series of mundane intricacies we call LIFE. If we allow ourselves to believe that the many undesirable daily circumstances we call issues to blind us from seeing infinite unconditional blessings we call favor of goodness and mercies that are renewed ever morning and shall follow US for the rest of our days.
If we allow ourselves to get lost in the crisis & forgt to get lost in the Christ LIFE will overwhelm us:


Reading for today: Colossians 3:1-17
Dear Lord, I pray for the downtrodden and broken hearted. I pray for those who do not see their beauty through Your eyes eff ; that they on l see
?,,? themselves as
God’s OWN individual masterpiece. Amen
* Do you see the your flower or the weeds in your life ? 
*Do you know where ; in Whom your faith lies ?
* “I am God’s masterpiece; one of a kind; a unique creation of the FATHER”…do you believe this for your life ?

Posted by Rev. Bonita A. Benson