Thought for today: Sun. 6/28/15
God Restores: It’s Your Season To Be Blessed !

All of us become disappointed when we have a plan that fails, a hope that does not materialize, a goal that is unreached. When things like that happen, for a certain period of time we experience a letdown, one that can lead to despair if it is not handled properly.

That’s when we have to make the decision to adapt and adjust, to take a new approach, to just keep going despite our feelings. That’s when we must remember that we have the God residing within us, so that no matter what may happen to frustrate us, or how long it may take for our dreams and goals to become reality, we are not going to give up and quit just because of our emotions.

Disappointment often leads to discouragement, which is even more of a “downer.” *How disappointing and discouraging it is to see the things we love senselessly destroyed by others or, even worse, by our own neglect or failure.

Regardless of how it may happen or who may be responsible, it is hard to go on when everything we have counted on falls down around us. That’s when those of us who have the creative power of the Holy Spirit on the inside can get a new vision, a new direction, and a new goal to help us overcome the downward pull of disappointment, discouragement, and destruction.
*Don’t give up on God & don’t give up on YOU!*
Be Encouraged friends♥
Reading for today: 1Cor.4-6-18 (KJV) 
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(Adapted From the book New Day, New You Get Reappointed by Joyce Meyer. Copyright 2007 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords. All rights reserved.)

Posted by Rev. Bonita A. Benson❤